Why Do I find books for medical basic sciences like Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, isn't that for medical students?
Of course NO, .. these are basic science for any health care professional, and we are one of that team, and not restricted to medical students only, but of course they would need to get into it deeply,while for a pharmacy student or a pharmacist it is not needed to get into deep parts of them, we need them for simple readings and as a reference for solving information that we face during studying pharmacy.

What Do you mean by categorizing a group of books under Related Simplified Medical books (lessThan 200 pages) name?
Any book that is focusing on a specific topic and is less than 200 pages is - for sure - a simple and easy to read book, beside, in a book like that you will find a huge amount of information that will help you a lot and also it will open up your area of decision making as a pharmacist.

Why Do you make Pharmacology as 2 categories Pharmacology (Special)and Pharmacology (General) not as one big category?
Pharmacology is bigger than to be a category .. that type of sub classification will help you in choosing a book to read or study in, if you want to study a specific part of it or if you want to study it generally.

I find that some download links do not work what to do?
For a one given book, always there will be more than one mirror, try them all and also contact us to change that link .

What Do you mean by a Forensic Pharmacist ?
In Egypt and many countries you will find that the forensic medicine as a career is restricted to doctors, and a lot of pharmacists do not know that they - also - have a part to share and give in that career, so we will give you the basics of that career , so as to decide wither or not to penetrate into that exciting field.